Ranks are primarily based upon one's building technique, with the exception of [Takumi] and ["Blue" Takumi]. Ranks will appear next to a player's name in lobbies and when chatting. Every player will start from [Guest] and promoted to the next level with admin's approval, when after completing prerequisites

Default Rank

[初級] (Guest)

  • /spawn
  • /sethome & /home
  • /tpa [send teleport request]
  • /tpaccept & /tpdeny
  • /money
  • /craft
  • /trash
  • /afk


[中級] (Begginer)

Prerequisite: 10 sociallikes and/or approval by admin

  • /heads
  • /back
  • /nick
  • /hat

[上級] (Apprentice)

Prerequisite: "Advanced" building technique (in other words, approval by admin)

  • /fly
  • /cshop

Advanced Builder

[建築士] (Builder)

Prerequisite: "Extremely advanced" building technique and approval from the admin

  • /gm 3 (spectator mode)
  • /tp
  • /tomap [url]
  • /weather & /time set

[匠] (Takumi)

Prerequisite: "Professional" building and approval from at least 2 admins

  • World Edit
  • /gm 1 (creative mode)

[青匠] ("Blue" Takumi)

Prerequisite: Outstanding building technique even within masters and approval from at least 2 admins

No new commands. All of the commands has been unlocked with "a master" rank.

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